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    Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014

    When: Thursday, 27 March - Thursday, 20 March
    Where: Various locations across Melbourne
    How much: Varous

    The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is one of those truly democratic moments in our city's cultural calendar. While the Melbourne Festival always seems a little high-end, and Melbourne Music Week is just a bit too hip, MICF is a place for all — from bogans watching Dave Hughes to hipsters hanging out at the Festival Club waiting to catch the latest show you totally haven't even heard about yet.

    This year's lineup is a strange one. Big international names have been replaced by a cast of familiar regulars and there's a much larger focus on local talent. This is a welcome move for an industry that doesn't get much love over the rest of the year, but a devastating blow for those of us who are still waiting for the likes of Louis CK to come down under. Regardless, check out our picks of the litter — from the most innovative internationals to the stuff that downright defies classification.

    See the MICF website for a full program and keep an eye on Concrete Playground for more coverage in the coming weeks.

    By Meg Watson

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    Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014

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